Always Open with a Web Site

Your Doors are ‘Always Open’ with a Web Site

You should never take for granted that  people do not check your website for meaningful
Information and updates.  Whether you offer  Products or Services or run an Organization, there is always a need to post timely updates to your site. Organizations should publish their Minutes, Newsletters, and Calendar of events where their membership can check in and stay informed. Or if you deliver Products and/or Services then you should update your site frequently enough to show the differences that make your Business a better choice for your Customers. This might include a Service Map, Warranty information, New Products, Price changes, etc..

Today, people have a variety of ways to access the Web and Progressive Websites display best on different devices. The webpage format will change to adapt to the screen size and this is rapidly becoming the ‘new’ standard for websites. Google for example will not give Ranking privileges to websites that are not Progressive.  For this reason we are encouraging website owners to upgrade to WordPress
(a Progressive format) so that you can take advantage of this feature.  Feel free to contact us with any questions relating to this change.

Domain Name Opportunities

Think of a Domain name as the address to your website. With a little thought you can incorporate the description of your service into an easy to remember Domain name. Domain name ‘extensions’ are the part of the domain name that follows the period in the address (like:  .com  .net  .org  etc.)   These extensions have really been expanded recently and can now be used to enhance your domain name identity. Truly, you are only limited by your imagination. You can explore these options by going to:

PowerPoint Tutorial

We have a PowerPoint  presentation available for download that should help get you started with updating a WordPress website. Go to: and click on the ‘Help Page’ button at the top of the page. The download link is the top item. This presentation is an overview of the most common features that will give you the basics to your Dashboard. Like just about everything, start slow and build up speed from there.. If you do not currently have WordPress and would like to know more about switching over, contact us for details.

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