Introduce you Product or Service with a Professional Web Site..


With this service you can actually ‘Rent’ a custom made 6 to 10 page Web Site for your Business or Organization. You get the same features as Website in a Box but this ‘Leased’ site includes ‘Webmaster and Administrator Support’. We will provide all updating and Support functions for your personalized website, as well as create it for you..

This package rents for $32.00 a month, payable 3 months at a time for an annual expense of $384.00 yr. There is no deposit and no fixed term other than the 3 month block that you are renting.

You can take ownership of this site at the end of the first 12 month period at no charge, provided all rental payments have been made and are current. Should you wish to take ownership before the first year, there will be a charge assessed to your account of $384.00, less any rental payments received..

This is an affordable way to get a respectable Website published ‘Quickly’ that removes all the fuss and leaves you in control with minimum exposure..

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