Newsletters are  an effective way to communicate with your Customers or Membership. Done correctly they can keep
the Readers informed of  changes in Policy,  Products, Services, and ‘any’ Current event that you find relevant to
the Organization. These are a tool. A means to stay in touch with the Core of your Business and they are NOT that hard to implement.

1/ Take an inventory of what it is you want to say or Present.
2/ Consider what you want the layout to look like.  Templates are a good start..
3/  Find a tool you are comfortable with to assemble it in.   (Word or Publisher work fine)
4/  Schedule a Monthly date to Publish it to Your Website, and email it out to your Members.
5/  Start with a 1 page Newsletter and go forward from there.
Don’t forget to use a few Pictures to bring it to life..

Do You Want to create a Blog..?

Blogs are content driven, expandable commentary on a specific subject and can best be thought of as  paragraphs of a chapter. They don’t have to be specific to a fault but should have an underlying theme that drives a thought. An example might be: Recipes, Ingredients, and Kitchen Utensils but might steer clear of Restaurants or Food processing.     There are blogs for everything..

WordPress offers a Blog format that can be used within a website setting and is convenient to use.

SEO  ‘when it makes sense’

Sometimes, it helps to remember that a website is not Advertising, it is Informational .  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be used to help a site better appear in web searches, although this feature has been dominated by the big search engines like Google and Bing. Yes, there are plenty of Companies that can be contacted for help with this, but this service comes at a price .

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