Sometimes your Website just needs a ‘little help’..

     We offer a System Administrator Service (think part time Web Master) to help you with the everyday stuff:  Things like Monthly Updates, Publishing your Newsletter,  your Activity Calendar, Employee/Member info, changes to Feature pages, adding a new Feature page, Email routing, etc. etc..   This is an annual service that is paid for in advance at $199.00 per year (thats only $16.58 a month).  

     We ask you to provide your updates in digital format, and to submit them to us once a month during a prearranged week..  We will make your updates and notify you as they are published..

     We do offer a 120 day guarantee, so if you are ever unhappy with the level of service provided we will refund the unused portion of the service.   It doesn’t get easier than that.

     This service does not include creating databases, updating storefronts or major website redesigns and is limited to a 12 page Website..

Contact us for more information: Here