Get your site created and published for an entire year for $289.00
That’s right, You get the Site Created and Published for only $289..     Your Up and Running for the Entire year..!!

Hear’s the Deal:
You Get a .com, .net, or .org Domain Name registered (or your existing Domain reconfigured)      a $14.99 value.
You Get a One Year Slate Hosting Package,              a $72.00 value.
You get a 5 – 10 page WordPress website created,      a $285.00 value.
           And, You get 1 year of support..                           (priceless)
                                      All for $289.00..

           After the first year, you simply renew it @ $87.00 a year..
                 Sound Easy..??      It Is..      Satisfaction assured..
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